Start Your Life Over
Category : Retreats & Workshops

Create your vision and charge it up with quantum change including a unique rebirth process and tools you can take home to empower your life.

One of the key parts of this weekend retreat will be the Birth Repatterning which everyone will receive individually. This is one of the repatternings of Resonance Repatterning(tm). This will clear the energy signature of the birth process. I have a web site which has a little about that at, and the web site of the person who 'invented' it is

There will also be exercises about creating a vision for your life and clearing what is not in line with that vision, such as guided meditations and other exercises about your clearing energy, including take-home tools for every new day.

Activities and Topics:

  • Rebirth Repatterning
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Your Personal Affirmations

Dates: Nov 2-4, Nov 30 - Dec 2

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